KT LaSalla

Motivational Speaker and Fitness Instructor for All Ages

KT LaSalla, Motivational Speaker of All Ages
KT LaSalla, Motivational Speaker

KT LaSalla is best described as the “Motivational” Speaker and Fitness Instructor for all ages!


KT’s speaking engagements are to Professional Businesses, Fitness Centers, Networking Groups, Senior Centers, and Church Groups.


She expertly and humorously presents information on the benefits of practicing movement - such benefits include “more energy in your everyday activities” and “better mental focus,” to name just a few.

Dancer, Singer, Actress, Choreographer, and Teacher

KT’s career as a speaker has been enriched by performing live for years in front of hundreds of people as a dancer, singer and actress, plus teaching and choreographing for years in New York City.


KT has studied under the National Speaker’s Association in different states.


In Southern California, KT owned a Theatrical Workshop with 200 students. She gained valuable speaking experience as she spoke to the many audiences before her Dance Companies performed.


Motivational Concepts, Entrepreneurs, and Helping Others

KT addressing participants at an Align Seminar
KT addressing participants at an Align Seminar

It was a natural transition for KT to shift from the Arts to helping Entrepreneurs move their businesses up the ladder.


KT has always set her goals high and has continually used steps she has created to achieve them.


From these standards, Motivational Concepts was created. This business was well received in the Networking Associations where start-up businesses for Entrepreneurs developed under the leadership of numerous organizations.


When Not Helping Others, What is KT Doing?

KT is still helping and encouraging others thru her current company, Ageless Aerobic Dance. KT started Ageless Aerobic Dance after moving to Arizona in 2009. Before COVID-19, KT was traveling to many centers in the Phoenix area teaching Dance Aerobics and also teaching as a Guest Instructor at numerous health events.


Because of COVID-19, KT teaches Dance Aerobics on Zoom.  Her classes cater to the 55+.  Please check her calendar here on the website for days and times.  KT welcomes Guest Spots on Zoom.


KT has produced 5 Dance Aerobic videos, which she sells here on her website or at speaking locations.


Her videos are being used not only by individuals but also in places like Senior Centers, YWCAs, Church Groups, and in Spas in 12 different states where instructors are not available.


You may check out her videos here . . .


Samples of Speaking Topics

  • Have you ever thought, “I need to find a way that I can stay on track toward consistent activities in my life?”

If so, then KT’s topic on “The Benefits of Developing a Daily Plan to Perform Physical and Mental Activities” can help!


KT will guide you through a “proven system” she has developed and shares numerous suggestions that will make you feel good and have more energy.


  • How many times have you found yourself saying, “I need to exercise today or this week?”

You are not alone! KT’s topic “Healthy Tips on How to Stay Motivated for Exercise at Any Age” is inspiring.


KT has created and will share a “Guide with Tips” to help you “Get Moving” (if only for a short period at a time) when those feelings come into your mind.


  • How many times have you thought about what happens when you retire? Are you looking for new answers to your daily environment or possibly a new environment? What about your spouse/friends as you develop your new life? 

KT addresses these questions and more in her topic “Thoughts on Retirement that Benefit Your New Life ~ with Q & A.”


For over 8 years, KT has facilitated and trained women who are retired. Once a month they open up their thoughts and concerns in this safe environment asking questions about their “now life” while supporting each other.


KT has developed guidelines and questions to ask yourself for focus, direction, and taking action.


  • Have you ever thought about how many times you laugh in a day or why “Humor” is an Important Ingredient for Longevity and a Healthier YOU?

Hear what KT has to say about the rewards of “fun and laughter” in your life when she talks about “HUMOR,” especially when combined with exercise.


Note: Statistics from many different organizations as well as the Kentucky University say, “Children laugh 300 times a day where most adults laugh only 17 times!” 


KT suggests you find people that you can relate to and laugh with FOR YOUR PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH!


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