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Videos for ALL Ages


Join KT in Her Classic Video


KT's Winning Crew Video

KT's Winning Crew Video

where Class Participants from various centers

(Longhaven, Glendale, and Cascade)

join KT in a fun dance.

KT's Chair for Seniors

What a Fun Routine from 2015! 

None of the ladies needed to sit for aerobics and they still don't!  I believe, though, they welcomed helping me with this routine as they all were in other videos standing and really moving!

Ageless Aerobic Dance Video for Intermediates, is fast paced using multiple various dance movements following up to KT's Beginners Video.

KT's most popular video, Chair Dance Aerobics, is for all ages.  You'll see KT and students sitting while another student demonstrates the same routines standing.

*KT's Chair Aerobics can be performed "Sitting  OR  Standing!"

Dr. Glenn Cosh of Denver, Colorado, <br />Family Practice Physician
Dr. Glenn Cosh, Family Practice Physician

Dr. Glenn Cosh of Denver, CO, says,


I highly recommend KT LaSalla’s innovative DVD on maintaining upper and lower body conditioning for those who need to confine their movement and exercises to a chair or limited standing.”

Madelyn of California shares,


"Your Chair Dance Video is a wonderful program for all ages. I'm going to take it with me next week when I visit my friend in AZ. What a great idea when anyone travels. I don't want to miss my schedule of 3 times a week as I'm feeling so much better especially because of all the sitting I do in my business."


KT's 7 Minute Daily Stretch


KT’s 7 Minute Daily Stretch video


Wakes up each part of your body assuring that you'll feel good while performing your normal daily activities.


 "I really like your stretching video.  It's my favorite!

Your stretches really help with my lower back aches and pains

that I sometimes get as a nurse!"


~ Jennifer, RN at St. Joseph's Hospital, Michigan


♢ Better Posture for Better Breathing!

♢ More Energy for More Fun!


KT's Aerobic Dance Video for Beginners

KT's Aerobic Dance Video for Beginners
KT's Aerobic Dance Video for Beginners

KT's Ageless Aerobic Dance Video for Beginners guarantees that you'll feel energized and have fun while dancing to choreographed moves with music from all eras.


This aerobic dance video is for all ages, no matter what your physical condition may be.* 


If you want to have fun while exercising, this video was created and choreographed for you.  These beginner dance aerobic routines are invigorating and make you feel like you're in a class even in the comfort of your own home or on vacation.


*Disclaimer:  Please be advised that there are risks involved in participating in any exercise program.  Ageless Aerobic Dance and anyone involved in the production of this program disclaims any liability in connection with the exercises and advice herein.  As always, check with your Primary Care Physician before beginning any new routine.

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