KT's Chair Dance Aerobic Video - English


KT's most popular video, Chair Dance Aerobics, is for all ages.  You'll see KT and some of her students sitting and also demonstrations of the same routines standing. Also available in Spanish




"Your Chair Dance Video is a wonderful program for all ages. I'm going to take it with me next week when I visit my friend in AZ. What a great idea when anyone travels. I don't want to miss my schedule of 3 times a week as I'm feeling so much better especially because of all the sitting I do in my business."


~ Madelyn Mikkelsen of CA, Management Services    



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“I really like your latest video, Chair Dance Aerobic. The Videographer, Eric Cosh, did a great job! The way you talk on camera is not intimidating to folks who may want to try it for the first time. I’m so proud of the service that you’re offering Seniors and helping them to keep moving for their health. Congratulations!”
~ Derick LaSalla of CA, CEO - Creative Director Showbeat Productions & Casting, Inc.


Dr. Glenn Cosh of Denver, Colorado, <br />Family Practice Physician
Dr. Glenn Cosh of Denver, Colorado Family Practice Physician


Dr. Glenn Cosh of Denver, Colorado

Family Practice Physician


“I highly recommend KT LaSalla’s innovative DVD on maintaining upper and lower body conditioning for those who need to confine their movement and exercises to a chair or limited standing.”

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