What is Memory Care?

Memory Care is a type of specialized care for people living with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or other memory-related diseases.


Memory Care Communities typically feature safe and secure environments where staff can closely monitor the health of the residents along with visits from the Primary Care Physicians.


People like me frequent the centers so that the residents spend time in various activities to exercise not only their minds but also their bodies, even if it’s in a minimum capacity.


KT's Mission


To educate through her website and social media the importance of the work KT, along with others like her, bring to the Memory Care centers.




KT's Sample Video of her Memory Care Class

Jennifer, Activities Director, 12 years of Memory Care Patients on right.

KT's Work

At these centers, KT shares:

  • Movement - stretch and dance - to keep their muscles and organs from going dormant or even shutting down completely
  • Knowledge of songs from all eras as they sing together, remembering the words to the oldies and learning the new of today
  • Laughter -> This is so important!  KT and the residents laugh together and tease each other
  • Ex: I say, “Are you READY?” some say “NO!” and then we all laugh!!!
  • Talking and/or performing funny moves while singing also brings much laughter


Has Danced with Me Since 2011
Has Danced with Me Since 2011
My Dancers and I Made Wreaths for Memory Care Centers
My Dancers and I Made Wreaths for Memory Care Centers

KT's Words of Encouragement

So many families try to care for a person that has Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or other brain-related diseases in their homes until that person gets worse: sometimes leaving the stove on or leaving their house, roaming outside in confusion. They are eventually forced to place a loved one in a Memory Care facility for their safety.


I’ve seen so many families struggle with this decision. Can you imagine experiencing this kind of isolation for yourself, family members, and/or dear friends although this is the necessary decision for the well-being of the patient and those close to them?


The good news is the Director's and Staff’s KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE will ease the minds of the family knowing that the patient is in good hands with the experts that are trained to deal with these types of diseases on a day-to-day basis.


Because each facility is on lock down 24/7 for the resident’s safety, you have to ring a doorbell. Since I have been going to these centers for so many years, I just knock, the receptionist sees me, and pushes a button at her desk to open the door.


I’m excited as I walk down the hall to the Activity Room where all the smiling faces are waiting for me with anywhere from 20 to 40 residents! Before beginning the music where we move, sing, and laugh, I tell funny stories and we share what has happened the past week since I saw them last. They don’t remember a lot of their past week, however, they LOVE to move and hear funny stories!!!!



Here is a photo I posted in FaceBook, taken before Eric Cosh videotaped my Memory Care Class
Here is a photo I posted in FaceBook, taken before Eric Cosh videotaped my Memory Care Class

Thanks so much for the huge response and support from my FaceBook friends and family.


We never know when we might need assistance!


February 27, 2017 on Facebook ~

Two of the many comments I received from FaceBook friends and family!

 Thanks everyone for your comments:


I so appreciate that you understand what people, young AND old, go through when finding themselves not able to function like they used to.


I have experienced in my regular classes at least 8 people that were open about what was happening to them and they were put on medication. In fact, they were some of my top dancers and I encouraged them to stay with me and keep on dancing. I witnessed most of the dancers being put in a facility like where I teach.


Please keep their families and my dancers in your prayers!


One Person's Journey . . .

KT & Peggy taking questions from the audience after showing the movie
KT & Peggy taking questions from the audience after showing the movie

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