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Group Fitness Training
Group Fitness Training


Q.  Any suggestions as to how I can help myself to continually attend a fitness class at least 2 times a week?


~ Sue, Toledo, Ohio


A.  What a great question; you are among the norm!


I have a good suggestion from one of my clients who has so much going on in her life.  She schedules weekly fitness classes in an appointment book that she keeps for all activities.  By putting down the day and time in her book, she found she doesn't schedule anything in its place, unless it's an emergency.


Another great idea is to keep a journal of how you feel after each class.  Make sure that this journal is out in plain sight so you can refer to it if you find yourself saying, "Maybe I won't attend class today."  I can't tell you how often I hear that from my students!  It's cute, after class they'll say that they just didn't want to come today and then with a BIG smile tell me how good they feel and all the energy they have now!


Q.  Do your videos that you sell on this website work all the major parts of the body?


~ Beth, Miami Beach, FL

A.  Yes, in fact, I'm well-known for when students leave my class they comment on how they always feel like I have stretched and worked all the muscle groups.  (See Peggy's testimonial on this website's "Class Schedule" page.) As you might know, aerobic exercise is so good also for our internal organs. 


Beth, whether you follow my videos or take a class, you'll benefit by performing some kind of exercise at least 3 times a week; 2 times being good, where 3 times is better.  A great goal for all of us is to keep every organ in our bodies healthy and that's why I believe so much in weekly exercising.




Q.  How do I start a weekly fitness program when I've never liked to exercise even though I know the benefits and feel that this is important in my life now?  Also, do you have any tips on staying motivated?


~ Jessica, Santa Barbara, CA



A.   First:  Check with your Doctor.  Although most programs are aware of limitations for beginners, for someone who has not exercised for a while, as well as for those with special needs, it is always best to talk with your Physician.


As to knowing the great benefits of exercising but not relishing the idea, some of my clients feel the same way when they first start to exercise.  The key is to start by just moving at your own pace, which is why so many start out by exercising to a video and move in the comfort of their own home.  Now with that said, others need accountability and prefer to exercise in a group.  In choosing a fitness program, sometimes friends or family will suggest places to take a class, which is great!  Always make sure, though, that the one you choose fits YOUR needs.

B.  Second:  My advice for being able to stay motivated has always been to do an activity that you LIKE and ENJOY so you'll be more apt to continue.  Why?  Because it's FUN and you'll experience more energy!  Everyone likes to feel good and have a fun time while seeing results!  A good rule to remember is Consistency = Results!


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