July Is Off To A Great Start!

Posted by KT LaSalla ~ July 9, 2014

Westlake Village Inn, Southern California
Westlake Village Inn, Southern California

I just returned from beautiful Westlake Village Inn in Southern California where I assisted Joy Chudacoff, Business Coach for Women and Founder of Smart Women Smart Solutions, as she presented a retreat for some very smart women! I also assisted Eric Cosh, Videographer & Photographer, as he shot films and photos of the retreat for Joy. The weather was beautiful and please observe the view outside my room; definitely “aha moments!” It was truly a working “vacation!”

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Instant Gratification

Posted by KT LaSalla  ~  June 23, 2014

What motivates you to get up in the morning and start your day feeling “really good?” Most of us are aware that we should stretch before and after exercising, but did you also know that stretching first thing in the morning gives you more energy and helps you to be better prepared for your day?  What a positive attribute to have as we begin each new day!


Before you read anymore...STOP and do this stretch with me. This will take only 30 seconds...stretch both arms out to the front then bend your elbows while bringing both hands to your waist. Now take a big breath in that position. Repeat that exercise. How do you feel? How do you think you'd feel after performing a series of stretches for a short period of time? Why did I say "STOP" because we all procrastinate and put off so much in our lives including exercising and stretching. SUCCESS = Setting Goals = Take Action = RESULTS. In other words, JUST DO IT and that's what YOU just did!

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How To Avoid Being A "Couch Potato"

Posted by KT LaSalla ~ Monday, June 16, 2014

Fitness Coach Tom Manfredi
Tom Manfredi, Fitness Coach

After 14 years of studying 123,000 people, Fitness Coach Tom Manfredi of fitness-after-50.com says, “So, even if we get 60 minutes of exercise per day, then sit for the remaining 15 waking hours, that sitting MAY override the good benefits derived from the exercise."


I believe Tom Manfredi is opening our eyes to a realistic view we need to think about. We have all heard how sitting too many hours watching TV or doing nothing can negatively affect our triglycerides, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure. These prolonged periods of sitting can also contribute to our organs shutting down or giving us concerns. Tom states that after researching different studies, “sitting could even lead to death!” Beware of becoming a “Couch Potato!”

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Fitness Question: Play a Sport or Exercise?

June 9, 2014 ~ By KT LaSalla . . . . . . Leave A Comment Below


Here is the big question this week! Your friend asks you, “would you rather play horseshoes or exercise, would you rather play tennis or exercise?” I hear a large majority of people telling me horseshoes, tennis, any kind of sport. Why, because it’s a fun time!!


With exercise most people think of work and/or pain. On the other hand, with playing a sport they think of fun! Let me now perform a little psychology on you. As noted in my earlier blog, I referred to exercise as a sport! With this in mind, when you exercise you should be having a good time, yes or no? Would more people attend a fitness center or gym if they thought of it as going and competing in a sport with other people and having FUN or would they just pay the monthly rate because they know this is the thing to do, though they rarely do go?


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