Holiday Greetings

KT's Warmest Holiday Wishes
KT's Warmest Holiday Wishes



It’s that time of the year where we stop to enjoy family, friends, and all the “goodies” offered to us!



As “2021” comes to a close, my wish for everyone is a Healthy & FUN Holiday plus taking some quality time for yourselves to reflect on all the wonderful gifts you have received this year and setting goals for “2022!"




Tuesday ZOOM Dance Aerobics
Longhaven ZOOM Dance Aerobics




This past year has filled my heart with gratitude, joy and thankfulness toward each and every one of my dancers for their continued support in my mission:



Spreading the word to everyone of ALL ages that movement is the key to a healthy and long life with quality.

Tuesday ZOOM Dance Aerobics
Tuesday ZOOM Dance Aerobics





So many Dancers that join me on Zoom each week…those that I’ve taught since 2011 and many new friends the past 2 years…are wished the best of health and happiness for 2022 and beyond!




Warmest Wishes & a Safe Holiday,


Elderly (Seniors) in the "New Normal"

KT in mask and encouraging all to stay safe


As I sit in my office still confined to my home, they say that Phoenix will slowly start back to business; however, in my eyes and mind we are still going in the wrong direction for the number of cases. We haven’t reached our peak (the government’s lingo) and with residents leaving their homes for work, shopping, and/or eating in restaurants, will our number of cases just continue to climb??


COVID-19 is a mystery to so many official federal agencies in all departments, like CDC, health officials, and doctors, so it makes sense that this is a mystery to us as the people of our nation!


If you are taking this disease seriously, as you should, then you want answers as to how the “New Normal” will be to stay safe! The trouble here is that this is new to the whole world. Doctors/Scientists are working 24/7 to find a cure. Vaccines and Medicines take TIME so we need to think for ourselves and for our family as to how we are going to handle this sad situation for the next weeks/months or possibly even the next year. The media keeps asking for a plan and rightfully so. It doesn’t seem like the White House Officials nor the Governors really have a concrete plan and by that I mean moving forward with possible back-up plans (B, C, and even D)!


The one thing we know that we can and should keep doing is to follow the guidelines concerning the Coronavirus. Here are a few:

  • Wash your hands like you are going in to perform surgery; use a hand sanitizer if not around soap and water
  • Social Distancing is KEY – 6 feet apart
  • If you sneeze or cough, either use a tissue (throw away immediately) or the inside of your elbow
  •  No shaking hands if you meet someone new and NO hugging
  •  Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces; even door knobs
  •  And, please wear a mask when going out, if not for you then for others

At this time in our lives, we need to be aware and listen to the Doctors and Scientists for the REAL facts. Let’s not make this terrible, deadly disease political.


Be safe; I care!

Notice - Class Cancellations

Notice Posted Sunday, March 15, 2020

All my centers that I teach at are temporarily closed to vendors due to the Coronavirus.


As a Dancer and Teacher, I feel like I've lost my right arm!

The choreography and dance steps are still twirling in my mind as they always do!!

I KNOW many other Dance Teachers feel the same.


This is important, though, that we follow ALL the guidelines that are suggested to stay Safe and Virus Free!!!


Keep on Moving Everyone!!!


A special encouragement to students: 

In order to keep "in the habit" of exercising, just pop in one of my DVD's and

exercise at home on our regular day and time!


KT's Blog

Eller Mae, Lonhaven Estates Dancer, shared . . .

"By the time we return from the close of our Community Center due to the Coronavirus, I will have forgotten the dance you just taught us!  Anyway, it's all good as I have your Dance Aerobics DVD's to help me keep life in motion."

Don't have a video?  Call 310-266-0416 and order yours today!

See video samples . . . here

KT's 2019 Summer Blog

A Subject Worth Talking About . . . "Chemo Brain" is REAL


KT’s 2019 Summer Blog


A Subject Worth Talking About . . .

 . . . ”Chemo Brain” is REAL


So many people have watched their loved ones and friends experience chemo and radiation for cancer treatments.

I am dedicating this “Summer Blog” to all who have experienced cancer treatments, are currently undergoing treatment, and to those who may find it necessary in the future.  I want to address this important subject in hopes of encouraging those who may be experiencing this difficult time in their lives.


Most medical professionals describe “Chemo Brain” as a decrease in mental sharpness, the inability to remember certain things and having trouble finishing tasks or learning new skills.


For those experiencing “Chemo Brain,” take heart. Accepting the problem is an important first step and can actually help you deal with it.  Yes, it is difficult (and humbling) because you’re able to remember what you once were, but there is hope. Once you accept it, you have a better chance to move on and deal with the process in a positive way which could possibly help this experience.


For some, humor can help YOUR feelings and sometimes even embarrassing moments. It also allows those close to you to “laugh” and feel more comfortable talking about your cancer.


Not the joking kind? Remind yourself to RELAX . . . sometimes, the harder you try to remember a word, the more allusive it becomes! If you need more time to find the word, just smile and ask them to wait a moment or ask if you can get back to them.


To help some of my dancers, who have experienced “chemo brain,” I have researched some tips to share which can actually benefit anyone.


Here are just a couple of suggestions:




Blueberries contain a group of plant nutrients that protect the brain against free radial damage, making them ideal to help restore brain health. 




Eating more fiber, including beans, can actually slow the rate at which the brain ages, reducing the risk of brain disease, and, therefore, helping to protect your memory.


*As always, check with your doctor/oncologist/radiologist before beginning something new. 


Each week, when teaching my classes, I keep these thoughts in my head to help my dancers “oil their brains” and move their bodies. I teach combinations of movement and we sing songs from all eras, PLUS we laugh A LOT which is so important to anyone’s health!


I am so proud of everyone I have taught and am now teaching.  I look forward to future dancers that I can’t wait to meet!  I would love to hear from you with your thoughts on how we can continually keep our brains fine-tuned!


To Your Health,


January 2019 BLog


Now that the 2018 celebrations are behind us, give yourself a pat on the back for getting through the holidays!  How’s your 2019 looking?


 As I was thinking about 2019, a few exercise ideas inspired me and I would like to share them with you.


As always, my wish for you is to live a great life and my desire is to share “healthy ways” to do so through my Dance Aerobic classes.


To stay on track for the New Year, here are four exercise tips:

KT and Longhaven Dancer

  • Tip #1 –View exercise as quality “me” time then you’ll look forward to that special hour.  In fact, positive memories of exercising help to inspire future times moving!  Just ask George in KT’s Longhaven class.  He said, “I didn’t feel like getting ready to go to class, but then I think of the fun we have and how great I feel  and my mindset turns to eagerly leaving my house!”
  • Tip #2 – Make your exercise goals realistic and achievable.  Mayo clinic says, “It’s easy to get frustrated and give up if your goals are too ambitious.”
  • Tip #3 – Schedule your exercise like you would any other important activity!  Choose whatever time of day works for you.  Most people have a time of day where they feel more energetic.  That could be a good time to exercise.
  • Tip #4 – This is a FUN tip!  “Bet" on yourself.  For extra added exercise motivation, challenge yourself with money.  One suggestion is to have a reward jar or a “donate to charity” jar (or both!).  For each exercise class or activity completed reward yourself by placing money in the “reward” jar.  For every time you miss an exercise class or scheduled movement activity without a reasonable excuse put the money in a jar to donate to charity!  It’s a win-win either way!


  . . . I’d love to hear how these four tips inspired you . . .

To Your Health,

Holiday Blog 2018



I want to wish each of you and your families a happy and safe time

during this Joyful Season and a “Healthy” New Year ~ 2019!


 My wish for you is to live a great life and my desire is to share “healthy ways” to do so through my Dance Aerobic classes.


Here’s Some GOOD NEWS…With all the upcoming parties, celebrations and festivities, let me help you through the next month with these Three Suggestions:

  • Suggestion #1 – For the month of December 2018, find 2 or 3 days in each week to set aside time to “get up and move!” Draw a heart around each day you designate to “move” (some weeks may have different days). You can stretch, walk, dance, lift weights, or just move. You can even do some arm exercises and knee lifts from a chair. At least 20 - 30 minutes are recommended. And, this is the important part ~ Set Yourself Up For Success! Make sure you feel comfortable with 2 or 3 days. YOU must take the initiative to be the Director of your next 31 days!


  • Suggestion #2 – I always share with my dance students that the goal is NOT to lose weight during the holidays but rather to stay the same OR gain no more than about 5 pounds. Don’t you agree?


    How? One trick is to stay hydrated either by water (preferred) or ice tea. The crucial time of the day is when you wake up, it’s important to drink plenty of water! Why? We sleep a certain number of hours without proper hydration. Another thought, AND it’s been proven, if you drink 8 ounces of water before each meal, you will eat less.
  • Suggestion #3 - What positive thoughts can you recall each morning upon waking? Are you ready to PAT yourself on the back or are you troubled by slipping the day before by having that extra slice of pizza OR by not moving as scheduled? 


    This is what I say to you, “Each day, PAT yourself on the back no matter what.” Don’t beat yourself up! If you think you messed up a day or even a week, no worries! YOU can get back on track. By doing this “healthy program” you can also have FUN along the way… AND…THAT’S WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT during this celebrated month of December, RIGHT?

 So, by following these Three Suggestions for a “Healthier Holiday,” you will have a plan that carries over to the start of the next year. You’re not waiting like everyone else for January 1st to set your “2019 Goals!”


...I’d love to hear how these suggestions worked for you...

To Your Health,


A Subject Worth Repeating is EXERCISE . . . Why?

Posted by KT LaSAlla

Exercise is a subject worth repeating because the senior population is growing rapidly as new medicines, proven treatments, plus healthy eating and exercise habits that help extend our lives are advertised daily worldwide.   Anything that is promoted numerous times and in multiple ways causes the public to eventually take notice and creates not only an interest throughout social settings but also an interest by the witnessing of “huge results.”   One such proven example is daily exercise equals longevity with a better quality of life.


Now, on to the “meat” of this blog -- how can you, the reader, get on the bandwagon and take advantage of all of these “great results” that are exposed daily and share with your fellow seniors? 

  • Spread the word ~ “healthy living” can be contagious
  • Preach by example ~ like the “pied piper”
  • Support seniors ~ compliment or praise each other for an effort to live a healthy life

Living a Balanced Life:

  • Exercise at least 3 times a week; even a brisk walk through the Mall or around the block counts!
  • Prepare healthy foods
  • Be sure to have your annual check-ups.  (We know our bodies so don’t put off seeing a doctor if you are experiencing an unusual change in your system).

Another reason to EXERCISE, and this is so important, especially for seniors over 65 years old ~ BETTER DAILY BALANCE!


One  out  of  every  three  adults over 65 years old falls each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They go on to say, “However, research supports the notion that many of the physiological changes related to aging – such as loss of balance – can be prevented or postponed with regular exercise.”


In my classes, I teach a portion of the class standing behind a chair as we practice a series of exercises designed specifically for balance. I’m so proud of my seniors as they continually achieve and hold the balance positions longer each time. In my new 5th video, KT’s Classic Dance Aerobic Video, recently released, I have added a chapter on balance.


I know so many seniors where movement is a major focus in their lives. I'm honored to be a part of their "fitness plan" for the movement as they desire not only to think of physically moving, but also ensuring that the organs in their body are nutritionally nurtured and balanced.  I am very proud of the many seniors who are starting to take their health seriously by partaking in daily moving activities and practicing healthy eating habits!


To Your Health 

As We Celebrate Each Day

RePosted by KT LaSalla  ~  April 8, 2015

Blogging with KT
Blogging with KT

What a glorious way to start each new day in celebration of YOU. Being thankful for just “ONE THING” in your life at that moment when you first arise is a great way to start celebrating YOU!  We all know as we age, our minds and thoughts change along with our bodies as they, too, are often not as active.  So, it’s up to “us” to get into habits that will help us experience each day with a new appreciation!

Avondale Class 2014
Avondale Class 2014

I first started teaching Dance Aerobics to the Avondale seniors in August of 2011. I had (and still have) about 30 seniors, male and female of all ages. I mention “all ages” because there are seniors in their 90’s in my class.


I also want to give a BIG shout out to Erin and Dax, the Recreation Coordinators of the Avondale Senior Center, who always keep a full schedule of fitness activities for the seniors.


As I celebrate the hundreds of seniors who have allowed me to reach out to them these past four years, I want to say, “What a privilege!” and I applaud each of you as I’ve observed a tremendous growth in your health from moving your “bodies” and challenging your “minds.”


I want to thank all of my seniors here in Arizona, as well as all who have purchased my videos in various states, for inspiring me to continue my mission of reaching as many people as possible, of all ages, to follow my lead in realizing that “Movement” is truly the “Key for a Happy & Healthy Life.”


As you can see, when I awoke today my celebration was twofold, being so thankful that I can teach all my Dance Aerobic classes each week and thankful for all of you, my fellow dancers!


To Your Health,

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