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KT LaSalla is best described as the "Motivational Fitness Instructor" for all ages. After years of studying the art of dance and teaching, KT moved to NYC from the Midwest where she continued her dance in Summer Stock and National Broadway Shows plus directed and choreographed for entertainers like Jackie Gleason and Ed Sullivan. Later KT moved to Hollywood, California, where she opened a theatrical workshop and also produced 2 performing Dance Companies.  


KT's focus now as a Fitness Instructor says it all in her company's name, "Ageless Aerobic Dance" as she combines choreography, fun music and dance steps to exercise movements along with a "warm-up" and a "cool down" of stretches. Besides teaching 8 classes of Dance Aerobics each week, you will find KT teaching guest classes at events, fitness facilities and senior centers in Arizona. In November 2012, adding to her extensive credits, KT produced an expo "Seniors Holiday Health & Fitness Extravaganza" where 120 seniors attended and participated in various Exercise Workshops with the accent on a FUN day! In March 2014, KT co-produced her 2nd Senior Health Event, "Health is a Lifestyle" with CareMore and Walgreens as sponsors along with 20 vendors displaying their products. Numerous Fitness Instructors & Speakers demonstrated new moves and healthy tips. 


KT’s background as an Instructor of Fitness for 22 years has also led her to enhance her training and coaching ability as a NLP Certified Practitioner and also a Success Circle Certification Life Coach. She has always felt strongly about helping people achieve their goals in fitness and weight loss plus feeling good about themselves. 


KT says, “I believe reaching out to those who have the desire to better themselves plus enjoy music and movement no matter what their age or physical condition, can make a difference!”


KT, along with teaching her dance aerobic classes, is featured as a Motivational Personal Trainer of Fitness for those who want to have more energy, lose weight, enjoy the results of one-on-one training or just feel better about themselves. Please Contact KT for further information. 





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