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KT LaSalla of Ageless Aerobic Dance
KT LaSalla

KT LaSalla, Founder and CEO of Ageless Aerobic Dance, moved to Phoenix, Arizona, in 2010 from Southern California. In Long Beach, California, (1980) she opened a dance studio with 11 students. Within 3 months of opening, she had built her business to 200 students and 2 dance companies, one in Long Beach and one in Hollywood.


KT grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, studying the art of dance while performing and teaching. In her early 20’s, she moved to New York City where not only continuing her ballet with Robert Joffrey Dance Company but also her theatrical jazz dancing with Luigi. Her credits for dancing, singing, and acting are with various Off-Broadway Shows, Summer Stocks, and National Tours of Broadway Shows. KT also directed, choreographed, and performed for entertainers like Jackie Gleason and Ed Sullivan.


KT, best described as the “Motivational Fitness Instructor” for all ages, says it all in her company's name, "Ageless Aerobic Dance" as she combines FUN music and dance steps along with a "warm-up" and "cool down" of stretches. KT states, “Everyone should be moving every day, no matter their age or limited physical condition. I want all ages to realize how important it is to do some kind of movement daily for their physical and mental well-being.”


Before COVID-19, KT traveled to numerous 55+ Centers each week in the Phoenix, Arizona, area.  Also, she participated in various Health and Fitness events, performing dance aerobic classes along with sponsoring her own Health and Fitness Expos through the years where seniors participate in a Health and Fitness Day with many Vendors and Fitness Instructors.  Since June, 2020, KT has been teaching her Dance Aerobics on ZOOM and very successfully, we might add! (Check out KT's schedule under Services on her website.)


KT’s background as an Instructor of Fitness for 22 years and in theatrical dance since she was 5 years old has led to enhancing her training and coaching ability as an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Certified Practitioner and as a Success Circle Certification Life Coach.  She uses these skills speaking to various organizations on the subjects of health and also fitness.  She has always felt strongly about helping people achieve their goals in fitness, weight loss, plus feeling good about themselves as they strive to achieve positive paths in their lives.


For information on joining a ZOOM class or to reserve KT as a Motivational Speaker and/or for teaching Guest Dance Aerobics (Stand-up and/or Chair) for your event, contact KT by calling/texting 310-266-0416 or by emailing her at

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