Elderly (Seniors) in the "New Normal"

KT in mask and encouraging all to stay safe


As I sit in my office still confined to my home, they say that Phoenix will slowly start back to business; however, in my eyes and mind we are still going in the wrong direction for the number of cases. We haven’t reached our peak (the government’s lingo) and with residents leaving their homes for work, shopping, and/or eating in restaurants, will our number of cases just continue to climb??


COVID-19 is a mystery to so many official federal agencies in all departments, like CDC, health officials, and doctors, so it makes sense that this is a mystery to us as the people of our nation!


If you are taking this disease seriously, as you should, then you want answers as to how the “New Normal” will be to stay safe! The trouble here is that this is new to the whole world. Doctors/Scientists are working 24/7 to find a cure. Vaccines and Medicines take TIME so we need to think for ourselves and for our family as to how we are going to handle this sad situation for the next weeks/months or possibly even the next year. The media keeps asking for a plan and rightfully so. It doesn’t seem like the White House Officials nor the Governors really have a concrete plan and by that I mean moving forward with possible back-up plans (B, C, and even D)!


The one thing we know that we can and should keep doing is to follow the guidelines concerning the Coronavirus. Here are a few:

  • Wash your hands like you are going in to perform surgery; use a hand sanitizer if not around soap and water
  • Social Distancing is KEY – 6 feet apart
  • If you sneeze or cough, either use a tissue (throw away immediately) or the inside of your elbow
  •  No shaking hands if you meet someone new and NO hugging
  •  Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces; even door knobs
  •  And, please wear a mask when going out, if not for you then for others

At this time in our lives, we need to be aware and listen to the Doctors and Scientists for the REAL facts. Let’s not make this terrible, deadly disease political.


Be safe; I care!

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