Notice - Class Cancellations

Notice Posted Sunday, March 15, 2020

All my centers that I teach at are temporarily closed to vendors due to the Coronavirus.


As a Dancer and Teacher, I feel like I've lost my right arm!

The choreography and dance steps are still twirling in my mind as they always do!!

I KNOW many other Dance Teachers feel the same.


This is important, though, that we follow ALL the guidelines that are suggested to stay Safe and Virus Free!!!


Keep on Moving Everyone!!!


A special encouragement to students: 

In order to keep "in the habit" of exercising, just pop in one of my DVD's and

exercise at home on our regular day and time!


KT's Blog

Eller Mae, Lonhaven Estates Dancer, shared . . .

"By the time we return from the close of our Community Center due to the Coronavirus, I will have forgotten the dance you just taught us!  Anyway, it's all good as I have your Dance Aerobics DVD's to help me keep life in motion."

Don't have a video?  Call 310-266-0416 and order yours today!

See video samples . . . here

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