KT's 2019 Summer Blog

A Subject Worth Talking About . . . "Chemo Brain" is REAL


KT’s 2019 Summer Blog


A Subject Worth Talking About . . .

 . . . ”Chemo Brain” is REAL


So many people have watched their loved ones and friends experience chemo and radiation for cancer treatments.

I am dedicating this “Summer Blog” to all who have experienced cancer treatments, are currently undergoing treatment, and to those who may find it necessary in the future.  I want to address this important subject in hopes of encouraging those who may be experiencing this difficult time in their lives.


Most medical professionals describe “Chemo Brain” as a decrease in mental sharpness, the inability to remember certain things and having trouble finishing tasks or learning new skills.


For those experiencing “Chemo Brain,” take heart. Accepting the problem is an important first step and can actually help you deal with it.  Yes, it is difficult (and humbling) because you’re able to remember what you once were, but there is hope. Once you accept it, you have a better chance to move on and deal with the process in a positive way which could possibly help this experience.


For some, humor can help YOUR feelings and sometimes even embarrassing moments. It also allows those close to you to “laugh” and feel more comfortable talking about your cancer.


Not the joking kind? Remind yourself to RELAX . . . sometimes, the harder you try to remember a word, the more allusive it becomes! If you need more time to find the word, just smile and ask them to wait a moment or ask if you can get back to them.


To help some of my dancers, who have experienced “chemo brain,” I have researched some tips to share which can actually benefit anyone.


Here are just a couple of suggestions:




Blueberries contain a group of plant nutrients that protect the brain against free radial damage, making them ideal to help restore brain health. 




Eating more fiber, including beans, can actually slow the rate at which the brain ages, reducing the risk of brain disease, and, therefore, helping to protect your memory.


*As always, check with your doctor/oncologist/radiologist before beginning something new. 


Each week, when teaching my classes, I keep these thoughts in my head to help my dancers “oil their brains” and move their bodies. I teach combinations of movement and we sing songs from all eras, PLUS we laugh A LOT which is so important to anyone’s health!


I am so proud of everyone I have taught and am now teaching.  I look forward to future dancers that I can’t wait to meet!  I would love to hear from you with your thoughts on how we can continually keep our brains fine-tuned!


To Your Health,


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