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I want to wish each of you and your families a happy and safe time

during this Joyful Season and a “Healthy” New Year ~ 2019!


 My wish for you is to live a great life and my desire is to share “healthy ways” to do so through my Dance Aerobic classes.


Here’s Some GOOD NEWS…With all the upcoming parties, celebrations and festivities, let me help you through the next month with these Three Suggestions:

  • Suggestion #1 – For the month of December 2018, find 2 or 3 days in each week to set aside time to “get up and move!” Draw a heart around each day you designate to “move” (some weeks may have different days). You can stretch, walk, dance, lift weights, or just move. You can even do some arm exercises and knee lifts from a chair. At least 20 - 30 minutes are recommended. And, this is the important part ~ Set Yourself Up For Success! Make sure you feel comfortable with 2 or 3 days. YOU must take the initiative to be the Director of your next 31 days!


  • Suggestion #2 – I always share with my dance students that the goal is NOT to lose weight during the holidays but rather to stay the same OR gain no more than about 5 pounds. Don’t you agree?


    How? One trick is to stay hydrated either by water (preferred) or ice tea. The crucial time of the day is when you wake up, it’s important to drink plenty of water! Why? We sleep a certain number of hours without proper hydration. Another thought, AND it’s been proven, if you drink 8 ounces of water before each meal, you will eat less.
  • Suggestion #3 - What positive thoughts can you recall each morning upon waking? Are you ready to PAT yourself on the back or are you troubled by slipping the day before by having that extra slice of pizza OR by not moving as scheduled? 


    This is what I say to you, “Each day, PAT yourself on the back no matter what.” Don’t beat yourself up! If you think you messed up a day or even a week, no worries! YOU can get back on track. By doing this “healthy program” you can also have FUN along the way… AND…THAT’S WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT during this celebrated month of December, RIGHT?

 So, by following these Three Suggestions for a “Healthier Holiday,” you will have a plan that carries over to the start of the next year. You’re not waiting like everyone else for January 1st to set your “2019 Goals!”


...I’d love to hear how these suggestions worked for you...

To Your Health,

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