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RePosted by KT LaSalla  ~  April 8, 2015

Blogging with KT
Blogging with KT

What a glorious way to start each new day in celebration of YOU. Being thankful for just “ONE THING” in your life at that moment when you first arise is a great way to start celebrating YOU!  We all know as we age, our minds and thoughts change along with our bodies as they, too, are often not as active.  So, it’s up to “us” to get into habits that will help us experience each day with a new appreciation!

Avondale Class 2014
Avondale Class 2014

I first started teaching Dance Aerobics to the Avondale seniors in August of 2011. I had (and still have) about 30 seniors, male and female of all ages. I mention “all ages” because there are seniors in their 90’s in my class.


I also want to give a BIG shout out to Erin and Dax, the Recreation Coordinators of the Avondale Senior Center, who always keep a full schedule of fitness activities for the seniors.


As I celebrate the hundreds of seniors who have allowed me to reach out to them these past four years, I want to say, “What a privilege!” and I applaud each of you as I’ve observed a tremendous growth in your health from moving your “bodies” and challenging your “minds.”


I want to thank all of my seniors here in Arizona, as well as all who have purchased my videos in various states, for inspiring me to continue my mission of reaching as many people as possible, of all ages, to follow my lead in realizing that “Movement” is truly the “Key for a Happy & Healthy Life.”


As you can see, when I awoke today my celebration was twofold, being so thankful that I can teach all my Dance Aerobic classes each week and thankful for all of you, my fellow dancers!


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