Instructor and Choreographer who understands the concerns, lack of movement & motivation that so many of the 55+ generation experience as she helps numerous people daily enjoy exercise and its benefits.

"Are you ready...let's GO!!"

 KT always starts her classes and videos with FUN, POSITIVE sayings, like "Are you ready to party?"

At KT's classes, or when playing her videos, you can feel the "positive energy" bursting out all around you.


 In KT's Dance Aerobic classes and videos you'll experience "actual" dance moves that she choreographed for the different songs of all eras that will make you want to move to the beat.

Memory Page - Coming Soon

Check out KT's new video

interviewing a spouse and the journey she experienced

through the memory loss of her husband.

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KT invites you to attend any of her class locations. Get ready to experience fun while getting results!


"I love your class! I have taken a lot of exercise classes and yours is one of the best. The hour flies by and everyone is smiling! Your choice of music makes me want to dance and move to the beat. I feel great walking out of your class and have more energy! Thanks KT."


~ Judy, Pebble Creek, AZ


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KT's Invitation


I’m KT LaSalla and I'm inviting you to experience five revolutionary videos:

You’ll experience stretches, exercises and routines with “REAL” dance moves plus feel more energetic and have better movement throughout your day.


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 "I really like your stretching video. It's my favorite!

Your stretches really help with my lower back aches

and pains that I sometimes get as a nurse!"


~ Jennifer, Recent Graduate of RN Nursing School in Michigan


According to Dr. James Fries, a medical doctor and leading authority on aging at Stanford University, as stated in a recent article in AARP Magazine, "If you had to choose one thing that came closest to the Fountain of Youth, it would have to be Exercise."


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