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A few words from one of my Zoom participants . . . Claire




KT's Zoom Invite to Directors of Centers


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 Notice Posted Sunday, March 15, 2020

 All my centers where I teach at are temporarily closed for vendors due to the Coronavirus.


UPDATE - December 18, 2020

 As I'm sure the visitors to my website know, Senior Centers and Residences

are still closed for vendors due to the Coronavirus.


Still very important that we follow ALL the guidelines suggested to Stay Safe and COVID-19 Free!!!


To my Dancers and ALL Seniors:

I encourage you to join me on Zoom

where I have been teaching Dance Aerobics since this past June. 

The Dancers love it and my classes have been constantly growing!

(See my Dance Calendar here) 


If you are unable to join us on Zoom,

make sure you have at least one of my DVDs

for exercising at home! 

(See my Videos here on my website)


KT says, "The Key for ALL Ages to stay healthy is Keep Moving!!"



 "By the time we return from the close of our Community Center, due to the Coronavirus,
I worry about us dancers not moving!  That why I have your Dance Aerobic DVDs and
I attend your Zoom Aerobic Dance Class EVERY WEEK. 
Thank you, KT!"

~ Eller, Longhaven Estates Dancer





Don't have a video?  Call 310-266-0416 and order yours today!

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. . . an Instructor and Choreographer who understands the concerns,

lack of movement & motivation that so many of the 55+ generation

experience . . . she helps numerous people daily enjoy exercise and its benefits.


Memory Page

Chair Dance Aerobics at a Memory Care Center
Chair Dance Aerobics at a Memory Care Center



Check out KT's video interviewing a spouse and the journey she experienced

through the memory loss of her husband.

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KT's Schedule

REMINDER:  In-Person Classes Cancelled - Coronavirus Safety Protocol - Until Further Notice!


In the meantime,

I encourage you to join me on Zoom

where I have been teaching Dance Aerobics since this past June. 

The Dancers love it and my classes have been constantly growing!


Once the Safety Protocol is lifted,
KT invites you to attend any of her class locations.


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October 2021 Schedule - Until Further Notice:  Zoom Classes Now Replace KT Live at the Centers.  To keep moving, join my Zoom classes or use one of the Ageless Dance Aerobic DVDs!
October 2021 Calendar
October 2021 Zoom Calendar
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"I love your class!

I have taken a lot of exercise classes and yours is one of the best. 

I feel great walking out of your class and

have more energy!

Thanks KT."

~ Judy, Pebble Creek, AZ

KT's Invitation

KT demonstrates her balance - do NOT attempt!
KT demonstrates her balance she has due to her Ageless Aerobic Dance classes! DO NOT ATTEMPT!

 I'm inviting you to experience my five videos. . .


. . .You’ll experience “REAL” dance moves for better energy

and movement throughout your day.


KT's VIDEOS RATED . . ."the BEST Exercise Videos for Seniors and ALL ages"


KT's Classic Dance Aerobic Video

7 Minute Daily Stretch ~ Aerobic Dance for Beginners

Chair Dance Aerobics ~ Intermediate Dance Aerobics


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